Congress just passed HR4174 on FEPA, an evidence-based policy bill. This is a massive data mining bill which enables data linkage, encourages data sharing between agencies, and expands data access.

Tell President Trump to VETO HR4174, Evidence Based Policymaking!

Why? Because:

  1. It’s flat-out creepy to mandate linked databases without informed consent of individuals whose pii is to be nationally accessed;
  2. the “fact sheet” for HR4174 is a deceit sheet; and
  3. the bill’s so long, wordy, and was cheated out of any hearing or debate before being passed, that too many of the “good guys” wrongly voted for it.

USPIE Advisory Board member Christel Swasey makes a plea to President Trump in her latest letter regarding HR4174.

Please email and tweet President Trump and other people to ask him for a veto on HR 4174, Evidence Based Policymaking.

They’re not taking calls because of the shutdown, but you can send an email:

How do I ask President Trump to veto the bill?

You can email the White House and use the free Twitter site. On Twitter you can use @realDonaldTrump @Potus @WhiteHouse and #VetoHR4174

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