Who really
Who really "runs" the USA? We the people or the media-money of the oligarchy?

Last time we discussed the political spectrum, i.e. what forms of political thought were on the left, center, and right of that imaginary line.  We concluded that the U.S., originally established as a Constitutional Republic in 1787, was about in the middle of that spectrum, or somewhat to the right on that spectrum (we’ve traditionally always been described accurately as a “center right” nation). But are we truly a “center right” nation any longer?  Increasingly, I’m confused as to where the government of our country really fits, and I don’t think that I’m alone in my confusion.  To muddy the issue even more, we’re constantly reminded by the “talking heads” on our alphabet “news” broadcasts  and the cable news “gurus” that the U.S. is a “Democracy”.  Most of them speak out of purposely induced upon them ignorance, but a few of them surely know better.  So what are we—a “democracy” or a “constitutional republic”?  Or something else?


Most Americans have heard those famous words at some time in their lives without knowing who originally spoke them.  Actually, that famous line originated with the late, great patriot, Robert Welch (1899-1985), in a meeting with other concerned patriots, as he founded The John Birch Society toward the end of 1958.  But before that, in a long talk with fellow patriots on September 17, 1958, he warned his countrymen regarding the dangers of “democracy” as a form of government.  Mr. Welch’s words should be heeded by all Americans who value their liberty:

In a democracy there is centralization of governmental power in a simple majority.  And that, visibly, is the system of government which the enemies of our republic are seeking to impose on us today.  Nor are we “drifting” into that system….We are being insidiously, conspiratorially, and treasonably led by deception, by bribery, by coercion, and by fear to destroy a republic that was the envy and model for all of the civilized world.”

Strong words for certain, but quite true.  So what did Mr. Welch mean when he claimed that the U.S. was being led by deception, bribery, coercion, and fear into a system of “democracy”, which so many Americans have been brainwashed to believe was what our Founders originally gave us?  (Hint: they did NOT give us a democracy, which they feared as one of the WORST forms of government!)  Let’s look at some details.

I’ve always accepted the validity of Robert Welch’s insightful explanation of the political “spectrum”, where governmental forms that exercise TOTAL POWER over their citizens are on the left of the scale, while on the right of the scale is NO GOVERNMENT, or ANARCHY (which some confused thinkers claim is a form of government).  Constitutional Republics, such as the U.S. was designed to be, have a mixture of several forms, wisely codified with “checks and balances” that our Founders included to “constitutionally chain down” the radical impulses of men to grab all the power for themselves, as is the case in Oligarchies (such as Rome became when the Republic died), Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Nazi Dictatorships, (all forms of repressive socialism), and Absolute Monarchies, (such as Ancient Egypt under the Pharaohs, Ancient Persia under various Emperors, the unified land of England, from about the time of  King Alfred the Great through The Plantagenet line of kings--prior to strong Parliaments asserting themselves--and to some extent, Norman France with portions of what is now called “Europe” under the Emperor Charlemagne and the country of France later under the Emperor Napoleon 1, and including Saudi Arabia today.)

Let’s discuss a few governmental forms in more detail before delving into the mystery of what kind of government the U.S. presently operates under.  (The following definitions come from Merriam-Webster Dictionary):


a)—a theory advocating the elimination of private property;

         b)—a system in which goods are owned in common and are

                available to all as needed;

         c)—(If capitalized): a doctrine based on revolutionary Marxian

                SOCIALISM and Marxism/Leninism;

         d)—a totalitarian system of government.

According to Marx, once mankind becomes “perfected” through following his system, the government will “wither away” and all will live in harmony, the people willingly producing everything that is needed so that all people will have “all they need”, with no coercion.  As far as history can determine, no “communist” state has “withered away” voluntarily, so we’re still waiting.


a)—Government by the few;

         b)—a government in which a small group exercises control,

                especially for corrupt and selfish purposes;  a group

                exercising such control;

          c)—an organization under oligarchic control.

Those “few” rulers of oligarchies often gain their power and  maintain strict authority because of their great wealth or some other form of influence (being members of wealthy and powerful families, for example.)  Oligarchs usually rule strictly for the benefit of themselves and their small group of “toadies”, with little regard for what it best for the citizenry.  In actuality, the ostensible “oligarchical” leader may not be the true ruler; one of his group of sycophants may be the real or hidden power in the government.

An oligarchy is sometimes confused with an AUTOCRACY, which is rule by only one person who has all the power and decides everything.  An “autocrat” is not constrained by any laws or any constitution.  The citizenry have no power at all and there are no elections of any kind.  In my opinion, a governmental “autocracy” can’t exist in reality, because even the harshest dictator can’t rule alone, without a bureaucracy of “toadies” or fellow sub-tyrants to administer his commands.  Historically, autocracies quickly changed into Oligarchies.  Autocrats may exist in the world of business, religion, entertainment, etc., where their will (and the power of their  money) is “the law” and everyone obeys them, mostly out of fear.  But a pure autocracy in government?  Doubtful.


a)---Rule by the majority;

b)---a minority of citizens can by tyrannized by the majority;

c)---pure democracies (such as in Ancient Greece) are characterized by mob rule, ever-expanding government bureaucracies, and endless demands for ‘entitlements’;

d)---minority may lose political or social rights if the ‘majority’ so decides and passes laws to that effect.

Isn’t it “interesting” that, in defining “democracy”, the U.S. Army’s 1928 Training Manual informed the recruits that democracy “is a government of the masses.  Authority derived through mass meeting or any form of “direct” expression.  Results in mobocracy.  Attitude toward property is communistic—negating property rights.  Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without any restraint or regard to consequences.  Results in demagoguism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.”  Do you think that our current U.S. Army Training Manual uses the same 100% accurate definition of democracy as it used in 1928?  Don’t be naïve! 

There are, of course, other arcane or more esoteric forms of government, but these are the most common forms generally recognized today. Now we must answer the question lurking in the minds of many Americans:  What kind of government does the U.S.  have today?  On the surface we still seem to have the Constitutional Republic our Founders gave us.  We still have all of the “forms” outlined in our venerable constitution, don’t we?  Yes we do for the most part—with some later amendments that would have really upset our Founders (even though their “limited” government is tremendously bloated, now, and political power has flipped over time, on purpose, from the states to the central government).  But let us reflect a moment:  Recall what ‘oligarchies’ are—rule by a few or by a group (or to further elaborate—by a “few groups”).  Oligarchies are characterized by ever-expanding government, endless wars, a loss of liberties by the citizenry, a socialization of risks and losses (let the government plan it, do it, risk it, pay us for our loss, tell us what we can or cannot do, tell us what to think, punish us for refusing to obey their commands, etc.).  Oligarchies are also characterized as being controlled by, or at least semi-subservient to, the “business interests” of their nation, or as we would refer to it today as control by corporatism, and it can be fairly accurately claimed that this is the most common form of “government” today throughout the “free” world!

“Corporatism”, particularly MULTI-NATIONAL corporatism,  is a powerful force in the world, generally, and in the U.S. specifically. Powerful corporations, particularly those controlling “information technology” have been “calling the shots” for decades.  Corporatism is protected zealously by its “loyal guards”: a National Chamber of Commerce, 50 state Chambers of Commerce (all of which exist ONLY to further the interests of those powerful corporations, including their desires for ‘open borders’ and virtually unlimited illegal immigration to drive down labor costs), assisted by a horde of lobbyists pushing the interests of all of those Chambers of Commerce and their corporate masters in our corporatist controlled economy. 

Individual powerful and multi-national corporations are mostly controlled by an “oligarchical” management structure, where a few powerful people (original founders, large stockholders, entrenched CEO’s and Boards of Directors, many of whom are members of powerful and super-rich financial/investment  conglomerates, mega-wealthy families, and treasonous globalist-minded organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations), determine the direction not only of their companies but often entire industries, and in essence, the total U.S. economyAnd this is done in the name of ‘free enterprise’, or ‘capitalism’!  But it is NEITHER!  Our economic system has, in recent times, been increasingly referred to as “crony capitalism”, where groups of powerful oligarchs are financially intertwined with other, similar mega-investment/financial groups to guarantee that power and control over their markets—their “domains”, essentially, is retained and shared only minimally with small investors or shareholders who exist in the “wastelands” and in the outer darkness of the oligarch groups’ vast wealth and power, and usually to further the illusion that “the little people” can get in on the economic system, and they can—but never to the degree that power and control is relinquished by the powerful oligarchs.

Admittedly, my thoughts are  based on what is easily observed by all who are not willfully deceived  and/or purposely ignorant.  As Matthew Smedberg said some time ago on Quora:  “…It is certainly the case that public power in the U.S. is frequently exerted not in the interests of the public (good), but instead for the benefit of those who already have power (such as economic elites).”  Essentially, my contention is that the government of the U.S. is really a LEFT WING “government within the government”—an unconstitutional secret or surreptitious ‘shadow government’—described in recent years as “The Swamp”-- controlled by those mentioned above and by big money and all of the power and loyalty that big money can buy, and has been buying for decades!  That is NOT what our Founders envisioned for us!  This is anti-American and un-constitutional, and is as dangerous to our liberties as is in-your-face tyranny!  Perhaps even more so, because much of what these people and groups proclaim is couched in the vernacular of “patriotism” to ‘con’ the citizenry.  They are not “nationalists” as we understand that term, because their ‘loyalty’ is first to themselves, then to their organization/s, and ultimately to ‘the world’.

So just how do we change our system from a Corporate Oligarchy where they, in essence, set the rules and decide who benefits from playing their game and who doesn’t, (even as at least one blogger suggests, “allowing” national “elections” for presidents and members of government as a matter of “show” to keep the citizenry convinced that they are controlling their own destiny, when usually they are NOT, since the “results” of those elections are more often than not fore-ordained by the shadowy oligarchy that really does control the U.S.), and back to a Constitutional Republic administered by honest and trustworthy people who will OBEY and RESPECT our constitution? Admittedly, this will not be an easy, or quick, process, barring some form of violent upheaval (i.e. a new violent ‘revolution’ which is not beyond the realm of possibility) on the part of the American people.  Entrenched mega-power is not easily rooted out of a culture in which it has become embedded for over a century, and the powerful  power-hungry monsters who exercise that mega-power will not relinquish it without a fight.  We should know and admit this.  (One of those monsters, George Soros, is devoting his vast fortune, through his Open Societies Foundation, to financing the campaigns of  liberal/leftist state or district attorneys throughout the nation to encourage lenient treatment of violent criminals in many of our states, which has resulted in a crime and violence surge, part of Soros’ (and the rest of his disgusting clan’s) evil goal of destroying the legal and economic system of “Christian” America, which he despises).

As Americans have learned over the past few years, the “Denizens of the District of Criminals and Corruption.”—the slimy ‘swamp dwellers’ that President Trump tried to battle with only minimal success—have no intention of relinquishing their power over the economy and their control over the American government and all Americans without a great deal of malignant resistance against those patriots who are trying to expose their vast spiders’ web of hidden and surreptitious power brokering–-and they have the monetary clout and the power of pulling the financial “puppet strings” of so many of our government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and all of their paid whores in academia, in the corporate world, and in the main stream media.  No, they will not go “quietly into the good night” as reformed oligarchs, hanging their heads in shame as they admit the error of their previous ways, nor will they surrender their long-entrenched power without resorting to all kinds of unpleasant retaliation against constitutional patriots.  They have already done so in many instances, destroying the lives, the reputations, the families, and the incomes, of patriotic men and women who tried (and are still trying) to expose and resist them.

Obviously, as is the case when trying to rid one’s home of crawly pests, shining “the bright light of exposure and truth”  on them and their institutions will be steps in the right direction.  Educating ourselves regarding the extent of “Deep State” control that these corporate oligarchies exercise (the Deep State ‘Insiders’ are among the “elite” who control the activities of huge corporate and investment conglomerates like Blackrock, Vanguard, Fidelity, State Street, among others) is a good first step, and then educating others as to the extent of how our economy and our culture has been captured by these entities.  Obviously, electing verifiable pro-constitution lawmakers is totally necessary to reign-in this long running dynasty of money and control. Putting intense pressure on the representatives of our state legislatures to NULLIFY ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS, MANDATES, AND EXECUTIVE ORDERS (as detailed in our Article VI of the U.S. Constitution), will be one of the most important steps that patriots can take. Only an honest U.S. government, run by honest people who REALLY DO ABIDE by their oaths to preserve and protect our Constitution, will ever have a chance to return the control of our lives and our destinies back to “We, the People”, and away from “They, the Corporate Masters”. 

We in The John Birch Society have been trying to educate our fellow citizens for almost 64 years, and have shined the bright light of TRUTH on these ultra-wealthy and very powerful people and organizations all of that time.  They don’t like having our bright JBS lights shining on them, which is why we’ve been the target of their wrath and venom for much of that time.  We haven’t stopped them yet, but we have significantly “dented” their infrastructure of power over all of our lives.  If you’d like to join the fray and upset our oligarchical masters as they scurry to stay hidden, join with us in the JBS and experience the exhilaration  of battling for our—and YOUR—freedom. As one current slogan accurately states: “We’ll fight for your freedom—until YOU wake up!”  Log on to JBS.ORG and find out how YOU can help in the fight, because it’s time for YOU TO WAKE UP!


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