“But the Heart of the Boer is Deeper and Wider”

South Africa 1899 to 1903 - Part 1

Boer is the Dutch/Afrikaans word for “farmer” now applied to the mainly Dutch, German, and French Huguenot early settlers in South Africa. About 2.6 million of the 4.6 million whites in South Africa consider themselves ethnic Boers. Once a majority, but because of massive migration of Bantu tribes from western and central Africa and much higher black birthrates, the white population is down to 8.4 percent of South Africa’s 80 percent black 55 million people. Following World War II and especially since the end of Apartheid in 1994, the Boers have considered themselves and their culture under ethnic and political siege. To understand their increasingly dangerous situation, it is good to know some essential Boer history.

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Will Black Empowerment Socialism Make South Africa Great?

In terms of natural resources, the Republic of South Africa is one of the richest counties in the world. Most people are aware that South Africa produces a large share of the world’s diamonds for jewelry and industrial purposes. In fact, 65 percent of diamond production comes from South Africa. It also has 50 percent of the world’s gold mine resources and 38 percent of known gold reserves. In 1993, it produced 30 percent of annual global gold production. South Africa still produces 12 percent of global gold production and ranks seventh internationally. South Africa ranks seventh in international coal production and is the third largest exporter of coal. It is also the third largest exporter of iron ore to the world’s largest iron ore user, China. South Africa has the fifth largest uranium reserves in the world.

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Why have you not heard this?

Genocide Watch in an international human rights organization especially concerned with genocide. It rates various countries with strong ethnic or religious conflicts according to ten stages of genocide. In the last few years, it has rated South Africa as being on the border of Polarization and Preparation, currently steps 6 and 7. Step 8 is Persecution and Step 9 is Genocide. Step 10 is Denial of Genocide, an almost certain indication of further genocidal acts to come.  South Africa’s 55 million population is just over 80 percent black, and the endangered group is the white minority of approximately 8.4 percent of the current population. Before World War I, whites made up 22 of the population, but it had dropped to 11 percent by 1994, following the end of Apartheid and white political rule.

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The Battle for Historical Truth vs. Politically Correct Hysteria

The Confederate Battle Flag, sometimes called the Southern Cross, is held in disfavor by many who are unfamiliar with its origin and true symbolism. Many have been taught to treat it as an object of moral horror and political infamy.  A deadly combination of ignorance and arrogant self-righteousness is constantly engaged in shouting down its true history and meaning. Demagogues freely defame it, while moral cowardice acquiesces to their outrageous distortions of the truth.  The apathetic allow its true history to be buried under decades of slanderous propaganda.  It is incumbent upon those who value truth, fairness, good will, reasonable tolerance, and charity in society to educate themselves on the true history and meaning of this famed banner.

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Important Priorities and Cautions in Immigration Reform

Beginning in 2012, I wrote a series of articles entitled: The Anti-Weasel Checklist—Notes on Understanding Immigration Issues.  I have written more than 650 articles since my retirement as an investment executive with a large national brokerage firm in 2005, and at least 75 of them have addressed the growing disaster and accumulating dangers of out-of-control immigration and the nation-destroying prospects of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Two great nation-destroying dangers in immigration policy still confront the nation. First, is the growing radicalization of the Democrat Party, whose seldom stated but primary immigration policy objective is to flood the country with new low-information or ethnic partisan voters in order to gain permanent political dominance over American government at all levels of legislative, judicial, and executive authority. The Democrat Party is no longer the party of our grandparents, of patriotic traditions, or of the people, the truth, or common sense. It has become dominated and almost completely corrupted by cultural Marxism, which is now manifesting itself not only with mindless devotion to political correctness but with virulent   hatred  and social bullying against those who dare speak against them.  

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