House Republicans are addressing the crisis at the border, and they need our support. The open border policies of the Biden administration have led to unprecedented amounts of immigrants flooding into the United States. The House will vote this week to reverse the current disaster.

The Border Reinforcement Act (H.R. 2) focuses on reforming asylum and parole laws, uniting families, penalizing those here illegally, and holding employers accountable for who they hire.

H.R. 2 puts into law many Trump-era initiatives to stop the flow at the border. Previously stopped by the Biden administration, construction on the border wall would resume under this bill and requires additional barriers in certain locations. Extra funding will go to the brave men and women who are patrolling the border as well as hiring new agents to tackle the problem head-on.

While security at the border builds up, this bill will end the Biden administration’s catch-and-release program by putting back into place the “Remain in Mexico” policy which requires immigrants traveling through Mexico to seek asylum there first or remain in their home country while they await the decision from the United States. This will reduce the chances of illegal immigrants skirting court dates or abusing benefits paid for by hard-working Americans.

We have heard countless stories of sexual abuse and even murders of women and children at the hands of cartels dominating the border. H.R. 2 weakens incentives for individuals and families to work with them. Family units that are apprehended at the border for crossing illegally will be detained rather than released to cartels or inside the U.S.

While much of the focus is on securing the southern border, the nation is seeing a massive influx of visa overstays as well. They have generally enjoyed fewer penalties than those entering illegally but will now face the same consequences.

Eagle Forum joined over a dozen like-minded organizations to support the House’s efforts to bring H.R. 2 to a vote this week. We ask that you contact your Representative as well and ask them to vote YES on the Border Reinforcement Act (H.R. 2).


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