This week, President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, will face questioning by the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of her path to confirmation. At least in part, Judge Jackson was nominated because she is a black woman. Prior to her nomination, President Biden promised the nation that he would fill Justice Breyer’s seat with a black woman. But there’s a whole lot more to Judge Jackson than her biological sex and skin color. The decisions she’ll make if nominated to the Supreme Court will impact the nation for decades. 

Our Senators will question Judge Jackson’s record throughout the committee hearings. Frankly, her activism is concerning, especially regarding abortion and religious liberty issues. That’s why this week, we invited First Liberty’s Keisha Russell to tell us a bit more about who Judge Jackson is, the hearing process, and what we can expect from the bench if the Senate confirms her nomination.

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Judge Jackson’s hearings began Monday, March 21 at 11 am est., can be viewed here

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