Frontline Ministries and Exodus Mandate held its 20th Anniversary banquet on Friday night, November 14 at Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia.  The event was well-attended by a large crowd of approximately 240 people.  The celebration commemorated twenty years of Rev. E. Ray and Gail Moore’s ministry to promote Christian schools and homeschooling.  Frontline Ministries was co-founded by Ray Moore and Lee Adams.  God blessed the Moores with the foresight to homeschool their own children forty years ago to escape the indoctrination of the anti-Christian agenda promoted by government schools.  Seeing the success of their own efforts, they started their own ministry to educate and encourage other Christian couples regarding the importance of providing a Christian education for their children.

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Radio talk show host Lisa Benson spent September 11, 2014, in Greenville, South Carolina. Benson is concerned that radical Islamic factions are establishing a prominent presence in the Bible Belt and the local residents don’t even know it.

She had lunch with a group of conservative women , taped a television interview with Peggy Denny, host of the Peggy Denny Show, the longest running program on WGGS TV- 16 in Greenville. The day concluded with a Tribute to September 11 Victims, First Responders and Veterans at the Zen, sponsored by the Greenville Tea Party.

Bubbling with energy behind a strong personality,  Lisa Benson is one of few radio voices warning the American people about the immediate dangers within our borders from Islamic terrorists.

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How would you like to fight off giant spiders? How about eating lizards, rats and grub worms? Or perhaps be lowered from a helicopter into the arms of naked cannibals? Want more? How about staring down the business end of a rifle, encountering witch doctors and pulling teeth with pliers?

Margaret Stringer, a missionary for fifty years, forty of which were spent in the jungles of Papua, Indonesia, experienced all these things and more.

This past Saturday, Stringer's home church, Freedom Baptist, which is located in the Berea section of Greenville, held a special service in honor of her five decades of dedicated service unto the Lord. About 200 people were in attendance to help her celebrate her big day. Family members from as far away as Arizona came for the event.

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Drastic Changes have Occurred Behind and in Front of the Pulpit

Pastor-Shawn-Oshields_Page-01Rev. Shawn O’Shields, Senior Pastor of Renfrew Baptist Church  in Travelers Rest, was the invited guest speaker at the June 26 dinner meeting of the 16th Regiment, Sons of Confederate Veterans, held at the Phoenix Inn in Greenville.

Pastor O’Shields, a passionate student of the Word of God and Southern History, was asked to compare the Christian Church of 1861 to the Church of 2014.

He said he would talk from the perspective of a Southern Baptist since that was his denomination and leave discussion of other denominations to their own.

Pastor O’Shields is a dynamic speaker, speaking rapidly for a Southerner, skillfully blending humor with hard facts while carefully adhering to Biblical and historical truth.

Shawn O’Shields is a unique pastor serving a unique church. Renfrew Baptist is apparently the only Southern Baptist Church in Greenville County with both an integrated congregation and pulpit.  Renfrew may also be the only Southern Baptist Church anywhere that continues to proudly honor their ancestors with a Confederate Memorial Day Service.

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Military Personnel told they must not Share Faith in God, or They will Face Discipline, Discharge or Court-Martial

There are numerous reports indicating that the Obama Pentagon is “about to implement a new policy under which any members of the military ‘caught’ talking about their Christian faith will be subject to court martial or imprisonment!”

The Washington Post reported April 26th that anti-Christian activist Mikey Weinstein met with senior Air Force officials to discuss “religious issues” in the military. Weinstein heads up the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). He is quoted as writing: “We must vigorously

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Kenneth-MacCallum---BagPipes---5-8-13Upstate Alive sponsored the 2013 National Day of Prayer event in Greenville, Thursday, May 2nd. The event was held in the Peace Center Plaza in Down-town Greenville. Dean Anderson, Co-Founder of Upstate Alive, served as master of ceremonies.

The Southside High School Air Force JROTC, under the direction of Major James Windley, presented the colors, accompanied by Kenneth McCallum on the Bagpipes.

The national theme was Psalm 33:12: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

Prayers were offered for America’s children and for the next generation.

Special speakers included Bobby MacDonald, President , SC Christian Fund; Janice Butler, Executive Director, Christian Learning Centers; and Lenna Neill, CEO Piedmont Women’s Center.

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