Pastor Responds to Tebow Cancellation of Speaking Engagement

New York Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow had been scheduled to speak at the dedication of Dallas, Texas, First Baptist Church’s new $130 million campus next month.

First Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress has been a strong advocate for traditional marriage between one man and one woman and has been an uncompromising supporter of Biblical truth.

The liberal media, politicians and some so-called Protestant pastors have attacked Pastor Jeffress for his lack of support and agreement with Muslim, Catholic and Mormon doctrine.

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Many people believe that Evanjellyfish Christianity is rapidly displacing Evangelical Christianity in the United States and Britain. A historical analysis of this increasingly popular and trendy adaptation of Christianity reveals surprisingly deep roots and a well-established set of principles.

The first principle of Evanjellyfish Christianity is TOLERANCE. Tolerance is their ultimate, unquestioned virtue. The underlying multiculturalist principle here is that all moral or theological truths are relative and equal no matter what their source. In this chaotic system of theology, one truth is as good as another, and nobody’s truth is ever questioned—unless they believe that there are absolute truths. Believing in absolute truths is intolerant because it implies that some people are in serious error. Having to defend serious error and all sorts of nonsense and to suppress even obvious absolute truths for the sake of tolerance tends to make Evanjellyfish Christians fact and logic averse. Thus emotion always trumps facts and logic in their discourse, usually accompanied by much rambling nonsense.

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Greetings to all,

First, I want to express my profound appreciation to President Barak Obama for doing what all of the Republican candidates have not been able to do for months: he unified the Bible-believing church in America in one week over the issue of abortion.

When the President ordered the Catholic Church to provide contraceptives to prevent the birth of new life, he hit a nerve in the heart of every true Catholic and Evangelical.

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Post Abortion Recovery Ministry in the Former Soviet Union

Carolyn-RiceCarolyn Rice grew up on Glassy Mountain in northern Greenville County in a Christian camp called Lookup Lodge that her parents operated. Her father also conducted seminars in Eastern Europe.

Carolyn attended Travelers Rest and Blue Ridge High Schools and graduated from Blue Ridge. She lived in Washington, D. C. until 1993.

Her parents, Max and Vivian Rice conducted Christian camps and retreats at Lookup Lodge for 30 years. Carolyn made her first trip to Russia in 1993 for her father, to teach biblical counseling. After that, she made several trips to the Ukraine teaching Christian counseling at retreats. For some time, she made regular trips to the Ukraine.

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Warren Insists “Building a Bridge of Love” to Muslims “Has Nothing to do With Compromising Your Beliefs”

One reader took exception to Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church in Orange County, California, and author of The Purpose Driven Life, being listed as a supporter of “Chrislam” in last week’s Opinion to Stimulate the Mind. Some followers of Pastor Warren consider The Purpose Driven Life being second only to the Bible as a guide for Christian living.

The reader was very helpful in providing information reportedly from Warren and his supporters, denying numerous allegations and opinions that Warren subscribes to and promotes Chrislam.

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“Everything I Know about the Bible I Learned on the Farm”- A Book Review


Jim Geyer is a blessed man. He grew up on a farm. Many of his generation received that blessing although, at the time, it may not have been recognized as a blessing, because work was hard, winters and summers were harsh, and conveniences were scarce. There were no cell-phones, television, I-pods or inside plumbing. In fact many modern crop-harvesting machines had not been invented.

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A briefing designed exclusively for pastors and sponsored by the Family Research Council will be held in Charlotte, NC, Thursday, August 9th from 9:30 AM until 3:00 PM.

This exclusive event for pastors and spouses, which has a nominal registration fee, includes lunch, and requires a reservation. Call 1-800-225-4008 to make reservations.

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